Julie Weigand


Julie’s rich and varied career has taken her to many interesting and exciting places.

It all started back in London where from an early age she was noted for her acting skills.  This later led to her performing at the Co-Operative Theatre in Nottingham for three years.

Travelling dominated the early part of Julie’s life.  She spent over ten years with a rucksack working her way through India, Nepal, Thailand, Malaysia, Greece and Turkey.  She spent time in Israel working on kibbutz and one year in Australia.  During her travels she worked as a busker, gaining the kind of performance experience only busking can give you.  

In Indonesia she finally met the musician Norbert Weigand and after marrying and spending two years in Cameroon, they came back to Nuremberg and a settled life.  

Julie immediately began reviving her singing career and took an intensive, private two year singing course.  She founded, The 100 Club, a jazz quartet named after the famous jazz club in London and this band represented Roth as part of a town twinning exchange event.  In 2004 the band performed in Poland and The Czech Republic.  

In 2000 she went on to form Ladies in Black with Helen Gibson a gifted piano player and singer.  With their signature two voice harmony sound, Julie and Helen continue to work regularly and with great success in the region.

In 2010 Julie was nominated as a candidate for Bayern 1’s ‘Voice of Bayerrn’

Julie’s career carries on developing and taking different paths.  While she continues to work with Helen Gibson, she also works as a solo singer with fantastic, first class pianists such as Hildegard Pohl and Michael Stahl.  



Singer and Voice Over    mail(at)julieweigand.de